Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And Here Are the Winners... :: Claresholm Alberta Photographer

A while back I did a draw for 3 free photo sessions and posted a video on the blog where I announced the lucky winners.

After I did the blog post I contacted the winners and set up times with them to discuss what they would like to do in their shoots.

A predominant theme for all of the winners was that they wanted to have their photos done by a barn or similar background. I just so happen to have a great location with a barn that I regularly shoot at just outside of town. So the only issue was if I was going to use this location for all of the sessions, how would I make the images unique and different enough from each other? The great thing about the location is that it is large and diverse enough to offer a lot of flexibility.

By changing lenses and shooting from different angles and locations around the property I was able to provide my families with what they wanted and something a little different from everyone else.

Photography is not all about the gear and the locations. I try to alter each shoot to suit who I am shooting at the time. different angles will produce different results and a different feel to the image. next time you say to yourself "I've shot that before" or "I've run out of ideas" try looking at things from a different perspective or through a different lens.

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