Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mr Golden Sun :: Claresholm Alberta Grad Photographer

What a difference a few days makes. Today I had a shoot with another member of the graduating class of 2011 and this time the sun was in full force and we were loving it. The sun was not impeded by any clouds and the snow was melting once again. We actually needed to find some shade to avoid the harsh shadows that accompany it's direct exposure.

My model for today's shoot is no stranger to the spot light. She has experience modeling and acting and has one of the starring roles in her schools production of Football Romeo. She has also been to Toronto to attend the Canadian Model and Talent Convention where she was exposed to various talent agencies, models and actors from around the world.

If you want to help this young woman get a free grad photo session at the beginning of June just mention this blog post when you book your next session with me. You have to have your pictures done before June 4, 2011 to help her out though.

Thanks again to my model. I hope you all join in with me when I say break a leg in your production thin a few days.

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