Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cute as a button :: Claresholm Alberta baby photographer

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this little one a while ago and I have to say it was fun. I really enjoy the challenge of capturing the innocence of small children. This little one was not exception. She was these eyes that seem to communicate with your soul.
I have arranged with the parents that once 10 people comment on this post they will get a free 8x10 of one of the above images. Leave a comment and tell them which is your favorite.

On Display in Brooks Alberta :: Claresholm Alberta sports photographer

Well the prints are up at the Recreation Centre and Centennial Regional Area in Brooks, Alberta.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, each print is 6 feet wide and 3 feet tall and are printed on vinyl banner material.

I have to thank both the Director of Community Services, Russ Tanner, and the Manager of Recreation Services, Chad Glasser, for this opportunity to work with them. I had the images printed in Brooks with a local sign maker. The owner was able to print the images in a good a mount of time and was very helpful when we ran into a few snags along the way.

If you would like to see these images up close head down to the Lakeside Leisure Centre and Centennial Regional Area and while you're there take advantage of the services they offer.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Collaboration and Learning :: Claresholm Alberta Photographer

I have been contemplating a project for a few months now. I would like to announce that for the next 8 months (one session a month for 8 months) I will be offering an interactive workshop focusing on developing your skills in multiple areas of photography. topics will include:
  • Basic and advanced camera functions/techniques
  • Natural and Artificial Lighting
  • Landscapes
  • portraits (wedding, family, fashion)
  • Sports
  • Macro Photography
  • post processing and work flow

Each session will be a combination of instruction and hands on shooting. I will be arranging for Models/subject matter. You will have an opportunity to see how you might approach a certain subject matter but also be able to shoot it in a supportive environment. for those that are looking at expanding their knowledge and/or portfolio this will be an excellent opportunity to do both. Participants are encouraged to bring their gear and be ready to use it.

If you are interested in attending you can email me at:

or call me at
(403) 427-0293

I will be limited this first run to the first 8 people who contact me. Registration ends March 5, 2011 at Midnight. Sessions will be the 3rd Saturday of each Month and will be from 9:00AM to 2:00PM. On the weeks we will be covering Landscapes we will be starting either very early in the morning or later in the afternoon/evening. The first session will be March 19, 2011

Registration is $450.00 ($56.25/session) and includes snacks in the morning and the cost of Models in the afternoon.

Look me in the eyes when you say that.

My son has spent a lot of time in front of my camera over the years and he has never ceased to make me laugh with some of the faces he's made. This one is no exception. As soon as a pressed the shutter I knew what I was going to do with this image. A little skin smoothing, desaturation and fire in the eyes and I have my own little socially trendy vampire.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Printing Big :: Claresholm Alberta Photographer

A while Back I made a reference that was getting ready for large project. Well this week I finally delivered the prints we envisioned during the initial planning stage. It all began when I mentioned to the local manager of Recreation Services that very few of the images in their leisure guide showed people actually using their facility. He agreed and later came back to me and asked if I had any examples of what could be used. I informed him that I had a few ideas and if he gave me a few days I would show him some images. The next day I produced the following images of my self:

When I showed these to him he seemed to like the look and said he would get back to me. After a few conversations we eventually decided to work together and we set a date for the shoot.
The project encompassed licencing images for advertising and printing and printed images for display and promotion of a new campaign on healthy living in the city using the available facilities. The City of Brooks has two beautiful facilities for the residents to use and we tried to cover a broad range of uses.
Right from the beginning we were thinking of printing big. I this case the final prints are 3 feet high by 6 feet wide. We knew the images would be in potentially humid environments so we opted to print on vinyl bannering material. Over the span of a few separate days we shot the following sports along with some staff photos:
  • Swimming
  • Weight training/Cardio
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Running
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
The city is currently using some of the images from this project in their current leisure guide and will soon be displaying the large vinyl prints in both of their facilities.
There are a few things that I was either reminded of or learned through this experience.
  1. Having an assistant is invaluable
  2. Make sure you have lots of memory cards (especially when shooting in RAW)
  3. Begin with the end in mind but be prepared to make changes on the fly
  4. Printing on vinyl is a little tricky
  5. Know your camera and be aware of the strengths and limitations of your system.
  6. don't be afraid to make suggestions and put yourself out there it may just result in a great opportunity
Check back later. I will be posting the final banner images after the city has their unveiling of their campaign.