Sunday, September 12, 2010

The making of Day 47

I have been asked by a few people how I did my Day 47 photo so I thought I'd do a very quick post on how it was done

I first started off by taking a series of images of me in various poses. I set up a black backdrop behind me and set up two of my lights (one on either side of me and a little behind). I did this to give me a nice clean backdrop to make it easier to cut myself out of the image.

Next I did an image of the jar on the bookshelf with one of my son's action figures inside to cast a shadow on the back wall. As you can see the light is coming from camera right. This was hand held and produced by one of my flashes.

The last image was the same set up but minus the action figure

Once I had all the images I brought them into Photoshop and layered them. I used the shadow from the one jar image and made two copies of the non action figure image to sandwich the cutout of me between. Using a layer mask I reveled the cut out of myself leaving some of the glare on the glass to make it look more realistic.

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