Friday, August 13, 2010

The Making of Day 18

I have been asked a few times to explain how I have done a few of my photos for my 365 project. I thought I'd take the time to dissect today's image for all of you.

I used the following things to create this image:

  • SLR camera

  • Tripod

  • 1 flash

  • pocket wizards to set off the flash

  • a DIY beauty dish (helps to direct and enlarge the light source)

  • White plastic lid to bounce the light back towards the subject

  • a black polar fleece fabric

  • 2 chairs

  • 2 brooms

  • 1 bag of water

  • 2 clamps to hold the tomato and bag of water

  • 1 cookie sheet to catch the water

  • 1 straight pin to poke a hole on the bag of water

I did this in my kitchen at home. I put the two chairs on the table and hung the brooms across them at different levels. I then attached the tomato and bag of water on the brooms with the bag on the top broom. I set up the light to the right and leaned the plastic lid against the leg of the chair on the left. lastly I draped the black fabric over the chairs to create the backdrop. take a look at the image below to get a better idea of what it all looked like

I then set up my tripod and camera with the camera slightly higher then the tomato. Once my camera was set up and locked down tight I turned my attention to focus and camera settings. After the proper focus was set I turned off the auto focus so it would not change when it pressed the shutter button.
hear are the settings for my camera:
ISO 200, f/11 @ 1/200 of a second

Now that I had everything in place I poked a hole in the bag of water and started shooting. I later repositioned the bag a little to ensure the water dropped evenly over the tomato.
I did make the background a bit darker and added a thin stroke (boarder) around the image in Photoshop but that's about it for post processing.
If you have any question leave me a comment below and I will do my best to answer it.

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  1. hey nice job! I want you to check out the spider web pic i took. it's on my blog