Saturday, May 23, 2009

Old Wheel -- Brooks Alberta Landscape Photographer

Here is an example of what you can do to fix a blown out sky. On the day I shot this the sky was overcast and gray (not to interesting). I couldn't sit around waiting for the clouds to break up so I composed the image and planned to spruce it up in post. If the sky did look like this when I took the picture I would have used a graduated filter (or 2) to get the same effect.

To get the final image I brought the original photo into Photoshop, cut out the sky and brought in the sky from another photo. Once the photos were layered on top of each other I used a digital graduated filter to get the effect I was looking for

The way I look at is if you know what you would have needed to do in the field to get this shot if/when it presented itself then you can create what you saw in your mind when it doesn't. Does that make sense?

Here are the images I used

here are the layers involved


  1. holy crumb that is one cool pictures. Way too techie for my brain at the moment but fabulous to look at none the less.

  2. What version of photoshop are you using? How did you "cut out" the sky? (what's the tool called) Details Rich details!

    I just have Elements 4 but I've just discovered filters on photoshop. Very fun!

    Great pic!!!

  3. for this image I used Photoshop CS2. to cut out the sky i just used the magic selection tool (I think Elements 4 has it) since the sky was all white it was just one click. Then I just pressed delete.

  4. I've updated the posting to reflect more accurately the process and layers involved. Notice that the new sky is in between the original layer and layer with the cut out sky.

  5. Sadly, that was pretty much over my is a beautiful picture. You may be recruited to do some pics of my new baby, if you are available for that! You really are spectacularly(sp?) talented!

  6. wow - if my batteries have enough power to take a picture i figure im on fire! but i will happily bask in your brilliance =)