Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A little time on my hands and my run-in with the law

I went to play some basketball last night but no one showed. Life happens and so does the weather. So I took advantage of the dark and gloomy clouds that were hanging over Brooks and armed my self with a few supplies and headed out.

My first stop was a field on the East side of town. I was driving by the field earlier in the day and saw something that seemed peculiar... a fire hydrant. A big red metal hydrant (here in Brooks most of the hydrants are painted like cartoon characters or gumball machines amongst other things) just sitting there in a prairie field. Of course the fist thing that I thought of was photo op! (I know I'm strange you don't have to tell me, just love me the way I am). So when I found my self with a little time on my hands (hence the title) I took advantage of the opportunity with the following results:

After I spent some time alone in a field with a camera, a light up ten feet in the air and people driving by looking at me with a "what the" look on their faces, I decided to head down town to another spot that I have been wanting to shoot someone.... wait that didn't come out right. Aaaaaannnyyyy waaaayyyyy, I headed down town. Since I didn't have a ready subject I decided to shoot my self...ah crud I did it again.

during this time I had my run-in with the law. Come on, is it a crime to hang out in a back alley looking like this....

OK... maybe I did look a little sketchy.

In reality I think the officer that drove by a few times and then eventually parked across the street was was just interested in picking up a few photo tips... really.
I later walked over and showed him a few of the images and he just laughed.


  1. I REALLY like the pics of the hydrant! Juxtapostion!!! Very cool!

    Your last pic did look "sketchy"! Ha! Ha! "Rich the fugitive!"

  2. I LOVE that fire hydrant! cool pictures and remind me not to EVER run into you in a dark alley....

  3. I never knew you could look so threatening Rich!!
    I too am loving those pictures... I wonder what the cop said when he got home that night!

  4. Sweet pictures! I definately think the cop had a valid concern. You were clearly going to take your own picture to send in and collect the money from crime stoppers after you robbed 7-11. Very helpful of you =)