Saturday, February 7, 2009

Super Saturday -- Brooks Alberta Photographer

Well today we decided to take our first "real" family photo of 2009. The weather was great and we took advantage of it.

Rachel and Ben kept making funny faces so I had to take one just of them.

Judging by this photo I truly can say they get there looks from me.

As with any photo of our family it was a process of me setting the timer on the camera and running into place. So as you can guess, the smiling faces that I see when I pressed the shutter are usually not the same ones I see when I review the images later. Here is a sample of my favorites:


  1. Rachel looks soooo cute with those bangs!!! SOOOOOO Cute!! Love it. Awesome family picture. I'll have to print that one for my fridge. :)

  2. Your pic turned out great! I love stairs to take pictures on - it seems to level out the height difference. Good job!

  3. Love those pictures!!!!
    And, your lessons in Sunday school have been great too.

  4. Love the pictures! I need to get new family pictures this year..maybe I will steal the spot next...I don't know if Sean can run as fast as you?

  5. When we went there the light was blasting on to the stairs so I diffused the light with one of my shoot-through umbrellas and a flash. I put another flash behind us and camera right at the top of the stairs pointing at our backs and the wall beside us.

    I had a lot of fun with this shot.